Claimant Name 

Application Number



Husband's Application Number
Adcock, E. V. (Mrs) 47411 Jeff Davis Adcock, James Goodwin 47411
Clothier, Mary Campell 34653 Jeff Davis Clothier, George English 34653
Finley, Mollie 43247 Jeff Davis Finley, David Tilton 43247
Gunter, Lemuel 35885 Jeff Davis Gunter, Lemuel 35885
Leeman, Jeremiah A. 33831 Jeff Davis Leeman, Jermiah A. 33831
Mayfield, Henry 49331 Jeff Davis Mayfield, Henry 49331
Mayfield, Zillah 51605 Jeff Davis Mayfield, Henry 49331
Powell, S. M. (Mrs) 05740 Jeff Davis Powell, Thomas D. 05740
Smith, F. E. (Mrs) 23693 Jeff Davis Smith, James Leeper 01856

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