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Gregg, George E.---Embezzlement.  Age 45; height 5 feet 4 inches; weight 130 pounds; color white; complexion dark; eyes blue; hair black;, little gray; occupation druggist and doctor.  Spare made, little stoop-shouldered; is a great talker; has a pretty fair education; sharp faced; the lids of this eyes are nearly always red and matter considerably in the corners. Thompson, M.P.---Theft of cattle.  Age 35 years; height 6 feet; weight 160 pounds; color white; complexion light; hair light; occupation cowboy
Roberts, Sam---Arson and theft of cattle.  Age 36 years; height 5 fee 6 inches; weight 180 pounds; color white; complexion light; eyes blue;  hair light; occupation cowboy. Talks slow and acts foolish. Vining, John---Charged with murder has been arrested.
Scott, Dewitt---Theft of cattle.  Age 23 years; height 5 feet 2 inches; weight 140 pounds; color white; complexion light; hair light; occupation cowboy.  Dresses well, gentlemanly in conduct and talks fast.

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Adjutant General's 1891 Fugitives From Justice

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