Fort Davis, Texas

If you have any information on these churches, such as history, member lists, etc. and you would like to share the information please let me know.  Thanks to all our volumteers, they help keep genealogy free.

Church of the Mountains

 777 Davis Street, (432) 426-3553
Pastor: Charles Koch
Hours of Service:
Sunday AM  10:00
Sunday PM 7:00  (June-August no Sunday PM)
Wednesday 7:00 

Church of Christ

Main Street
 (432) 426-3885
Pastor: Sean Nunnelley
Hours of Service:
Classes    10:00AM
Worship   11:00AM
Services      6:00PM
Classes       7:00PM
Vacation Bible School, July 11th - 14th,  All children 1st grade-6th grade invited

First Baptist Church

Second Street, 
Pastor: Robert Barge  (432) 426-3989 
Hispanic Pastor: Jorge Rodriguez (432)
Music: Diana Taylor
Hours of Service:
   Sunday School    9:45AM
   Morning Worship  11:00AM
   Heirborne Youth Group 4:30PM
   Evening Worship    6:30PM
          Prayer Meeting    6:30PM
           Youth Bible Study    6:30PM
          Thursdays   Hispanic Service    7:00PM 

First Presbyterian Church

Front Street at Bloys Avenue
 (432) 426-3948
Pastor: Joe Gossett
Sunday School 10:00AM
Worship Service 11:00AM0

Additional Information.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

State Street 
(432) 426-3284
Office Hours: Thursdays 10 A.M. to 4 PM. 
  Sister Margie Silguero, MJMJ, 
  Sister Luz Donez, MJMJ
 Convent (432) 729-3385 or (432) 729-4694
Hours of Service:
 Mass: 9:30AM
       Mass 4 PM (in Spanish)
       Bible Study in Spanish at 6:30 PM 
       Communion Service at 4:00 PM
Sacrament of Penance when Priest is available before or after mass
Church open to public: 8:00AM to 5:00PM daily       
Annual Arts & Crafts Fair (Saturday after Thanksgiving) 

St. Patrick's Episcopal MissionaryChurch
Front Street & Woodward
Meeting at Fort Davis United Methodist Church, 
For information in Fort Davis call 426-2262
Rector: Rev. Dr. Henry Doherty (432) 837-1653
Hours of Service:
Sundays - Holy Eucharist 8:00AM 
Wednesdays - Eucharist & Healing Service  7:00PM at St. Luke's Missionary Episcopal Church in Alpine 1102 N 5th Street 
Weekly Evening Bible Study, 426-2262 

United Methodist Church

Photos by Big Z

Front Street & Woodward
 (432) 426-3971
Pastor: Ernie Vineyard
Hours of Service:
    Sunday School    9:45AM
   Morning Worship  11:00AM
                                 Heirborne Youth Group 4:30PM (at Baptist Church)
          Youth Lunch/Bible Study Noon
    Children’s Choir   3:30PM
                            “Maundy Thursday Service” 7:00PM (Thursday before Easter)
                            “Hanging of the Greens” 6:30PM (first Sunday in December)
                  Christmas Eve Candlelight/Communion 7:00PM

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